Media Release :: The future of farming arrives in Toowoomba

A revolutionary agricultural robot has been launched in the Darling Downs after 20 years of research and development by a Danish company.

‘Robotti’ is an autonomous, multi-purpose machine which was officially launched at the Agtech and Logistics Hub this week, by Agrointelli, Corematic and Formatt Machinery.

Engineering Director and Co-Founder at Corematic Engineering Scott Hansen said Robotti is one of the most advanced and proven autonomous systems.

“Almost anything you can do with an auto-steer, you can apply to this machine.”

“This can take the monotonous jobs away and we can re-purpose people into roles where they can bring added value,” said Mr Hansen.

Robotti can be used worldwide for seeding, weeding, spraying and fertilisation in conventional or organic farms, with a lower cost per area unit for both investment and operational cost.

Agrointelli Product Specialist Jens Johnsen travelled from Denmark to Toowoomba to showcase Robotti’s capabilities.

“In Europe we are mainly using Robotti for seeding and weeding, that’s where we see the most benefit.”

“It’s definitely the future.. I think it’s going to be a huge benefit for the farmer,” said Mr Johnsen.

Key Account Manager at Corematic Engineering Cyril Delorme said the need to bring innovation and automation to farmers is evident, especially with labour shortages.

“Farmers are pressing us more and more to see an autonomous system functional here in Australia.”

“After months of discussions with Formatt Machinery and Agrointelli, we decided to bring a first unit over in spite of all the challenges posed by international shipments and travel restrictions,” said Mr Delorme.

The demonstration day at the Agtech and Logistics Hub in Charlton further cements the region as a leading contributor to Queensland’s Agtech industry.

Community Manager Stephen Dummett said it was a great experience seeing the autonomous vehicle in action at the Hub.

“This is a commercially ready robot that has already seen significant uptake in Europe.”

“It’s not a concept model, it is paddock ready, available to buy now and well suited to the horticulture sector,” said Mr Dummett.

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Image: L-R Stephen Dummett, Scott Hansen, Jens Johnsen and Cyril Delorme

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Media Release :: The future of farming arrives in Toowoomba