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Internet Innovations and Hub delivering high-performing connectivity for farmers

Internet Innovations and Hub delivering high-performing connectivity for farmers

Connectivity is one of the biggest challenges farmers face when trying to tap into game-changing digital technology. 

With the rise of agtech such as drones and smart sensors that improve crop yields and productivity, agribusinesses need to have a fast and reliable internet connection. However, this has often proved difficult to attain in regional and rural parts of the country largely due to geography, and a gap in the service provided by mainstream telecommunications companies and providers.  

In these situations, farmers require a unique solution. 

The Agtech and Logistics Hub (Powered by AgriBusiness Connect) is proud to be working with Internet Innovations, a specialist consultancy established in 2014, to help solve farmers’ connectivity challenges. Their team brings over 30 years combined experience in designing and building customised internet service solutions with in-depth knowledge and expertise across telcos, engineering, radio frequency, and digital.  

They have proven time and time again that they can help farmers to achieve digital connectivity with high-performing, reliable internet and mobile solutions in some of the most complex, and hard to fix rural farming situations. 

Internet Innovations provide help to customers where major providers need specialist investigation and design assistance. They offer expertise and solutions for mobile 4G, 5G, satellite, NBN fixed wireless, and optical fibre integrations. 

They first started working with the Agtech and Logistics Hub in mid-2021 and, since then, have delivered connectivity solutions to dozens of agribusinesses across Australia.  

“The Hub has helped us grow our profile in the agribusiness community, by letting farmers know our company can deliver city-like internet to farms,” Managing Director Joe Prelc said. 

“To do this, we take technology that is commonplace in metropolitan areas, and customise it for agriculture, we then optimise it, to boost reception so it doesn’t fail. 

“Our team consults with farmers to understand what their needs are, chats with them in layman’s terms and delivers digital connectivity solutions that work.” 

They use a four-step process that includes analysis and investigation to guarantee serviceability, design to ensure a working solution of the best available digital connectivity options, project management and maintenance. 

Internet Innovations has worked with a broad spectrum of agribusinesses, from melon growers to poultry farmers. 

Recently, they improved connectivity for AgriShots, an online business run by a rural photographer that offers spectacular images and raw videos of Australian agriculture for download. 

Both AgriShots and Internet Innovations are members of the Agtech and Logistics Hub’s expansive ecosystem that brings together the best talent and technology to help agribusinesses solve their challenges, commercialise and grow. 

After learning of AgriShots’ connectivity issues, the Hub connected its founder, Alice Mabin, with Mr Prelc from Internet Innovations. 

Ms Mabin said she was thankful for the introduction.  

“My experience with Joe and his team has been second to none,” she said.  

“When I met with them, they sorted out my internet and got me much better service and speeds. They really know their stuff and spoke a language I understood, rather than baffling tech speak.” 

Joe Prelc from Internet Innovations.


Having grown up on a rural property and with a background in agriculture, Mr Prelc said he was passionate about bringing reliable and ongoing high-speed internet and mobile connectivity to farmers.  

He said being connected was important not only to optimise agricultural operations, but also to keep farmers connected to family and readily able to reach someone in the event of an emergency. 

“If there is an accident or another issue, you need good connectivity so you can easily contact loved ones – that’s pretty important.” 

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