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GroundUp delivers great ag insights for HINDSITE Industries

GroundUp delivers great ag insights for HINDSITE Industries

HINDSITE Industries

Software service company HINDSITE Industries has a bright future in agriculture after completing the Agtech and Logistics Hub’s and AgriBusinness Connect’s GroundUp program.

HINDSITE joined the accelerator with the intention to break into the agricultural field after successfully delivering its digital workflow and knowledge platform to the mining, advanced manufacturing and utilities sectors.

“Our goal was to get more exposure to the ag space as it was a relatively new area for us at HINDSITE,” Senior Enterprise Director Nick Walker said.

HINDSITE Industries’ specialist software is a visual learning and guided work platform that gives frontline workers and customers access to in-house, task-specific learnings and standardised workflows.

The technology empowers farmers to streamline operations, minimising equipment downtime and ensuring task-specific know-how is communicated effectively.

Mr Walker said the 12-week GroundUp program had helped HINDSITE Industries articulate the capabilities of their tech to the agricultural sector.

“The greatest learning that we took away was how to put forward our solution, so it was more around how we actually approach and pitch to the agriculture space,” he said.

“Our background has typically been very heavily utilities and mining focused, so working in the ag space was more ‘what’s the ask of the end user?’ and how we articulate that to those people?”

GroundUp is designed to fast-track world-class innovations by partnering with the industry. Through GroundUp, the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) invested exclusively in innovative technology that has the potential to benefit Australian grain growers.

Mr Walker said the best part of the program was meeting fellow innovators and forging great partnerships that have led to some great opportunities.

“Post-accelerator, we will be focusing on leveraging the relationships we’ve got as part of that program and encouraging other innovators to take part,” he said.

Mr Walker said being new to the industry, the ability to refine HINDSITE Industries’ message had also been very helpful.

“We’re very pleased to say it’s been a fantastic opportunity to date.”

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