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GRDC GroundUp program leads to distribution agreement for MagrowTec

GRDC GroundUp program leads to distribution agreement for MagrowTec

When David McGrath of MagrowTec joined our GRDC GroundUp program in 2022, he had a clear goal: to get MagrowTec’s innovative spray technology in front of a wider audience. 

Mr McGrath was impressed with the industry connections he made during the 12-week accelerator program, which ultimately led MagrowTec to recently sign a National Distribution Agreement with Croplands, a prominent spray equipment manufacturer. 

Cropland’s network includes more than 170 dealerships across the TransTasman, significantly extending MagrowTec’s reach to a wider array of growers. 

“We had a great audience through the GroundUp program, and we accelerated our discussions, which eventually ended in a national distribution agreement being reached,” Mr McGrath said.    

“We are pretty excited because Croplands have 50 years’ experience in the Australian and New Zealand markets with a large established network.”  

MagrowTec, an agtech business that originated from Ireland, came to the GRDC GroundUp program with its device, designed to be retrofitted onto any boom sprayer, increasing the accuracy of the spraying operation. 

During the 12-weeek GRDC GroundUp program, Mr McGrath gained valuable insights into the needs and wants of the region’s farmers, and how his company could help solve their challenges. 

Following the program, MagrowTec conducted in-field crop science studies to showcase the benefits of its magnetic assisted spray technology, namely the production of a higher quantity of appropriately sized droplets that result in enhanced foliage coverage, superior canopy penetration, improved water management, and reduced drift. 

Users of the technology are now benefiting from improved crop protection and a more efficient spraying program.  

Looking back, Mr McGrath said the GRDC GroundUp program had played a major role in MagrowTec’s growth in the TransTasman. 

“The program achieved 100 per cent of what I hoped from the exercise,” he said. 

“We had an established business and technology, so it was pure commercial growth that I was hoping to achieve.  

“From my perspective, the reach of the program was the most impressive thing.” 

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